The Eternals, who hailed from the Freeman Street area of the South Bronx, were a five male member vocal group. Before settling on the "Eternals" name, they were also know as The Gleamers and The Orbits, After numerous school and local party singing engagement, Ernie Sierra, Charlie Girona, Arnie Torres, Alex Miranda and Fred Hodge met Morty Craft (Melba Records Chief) who released The Eternals first recording, "Rockin'In The Jungle" in 1959 on the Hollywood label.

"Rockin'In the Jungle" reached No. 11 on the local N.Y.C. charts after "Hushabye" by The Mystics. Originally written as "Christmas in the Jungle", it was re‑written when a holiday release wasn't possible. "Rockin In The Jungle backed with "Rock N' Roll Cha Cha, established a distinctive vocal style with clear background harmonies which effectively used the bass introducing the song, then sometimes operating along vocally punctuating the harmony throughout the song, then joining with the group at the end.

Their second release "Babalu's Wedding Day" backed with "My Girl" is still played regularly and considered more popular than their first release. In 1961, "Today" back with "Blind Date" was released on the Warwick label, featuring the lead voice of George Villaneuva (replaced Fred Hodge) who hailed from a local Bronx group, The Rialtos. Legal problems kept "Today" from attaining its sure hit potential. The Eternals appeared in many big live shows such as Murray The K's, Clay Cole, The Brooklyn Paramount, the Bruce Morrow shows and the Academy of Music in 1972 with the lineup consisting of Ernie Sierra, Arnie Torres, Richard Sierra in for Arnie Torres, George Vilaneuva and Hector Garcia. Later, a set of radio jingles were recorded and used frequently on the WABC radio show hosted by DJ Bob Lewis. They were fashioned after"Babalu's Wedding Day".

After the 1972 show, a few personnel changes occurred which added George Santiago, then later Herman Velez and Fred Clavel, who not only sounds like the late Alex Miranda, but who also looks likes him. Along with the originals Ernie Sierra and George Villaneuva, The Eternals have recently played to stand up audiences at Side Street, Lehman College, The Westbury Music Fair, Six Flags Amustment Park, the Don K. Reed Radio Show, The New York Paramount, The UGHA shows, The Pittsburgh Oldies Record Collectors Club Show and more. They have been the subject in newspaper articles appearing in the New York Times, The Daily News, Latin Beat Magazine and others.



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